On February 1st 2021 at approximately 1:51 p.m. Ginger (Virginia) Marie Stewart was struck head on by a drunk driver on her way to work. Ginger was born in Stanley, Wisconsin on September 2nd 1967 to Chuck (Charles) and Betty Poulter at Victory Hospital, she was the fourth child of five children.

Ginger was a wife, mother, sister, grandmother, godmother, friend, coworker and so much more. Ginger was a tough, patient, strong, gentle, loving, caring, selfless, individual that would have put anyone before herself. She was hard working and independent, she was always kind and always so giving. Most of all she loved her family and she loved so deep everyone could feel it. She will be so dearly missed by all.

Ginger grew up in Stanley, Wisconsin with her parents and four siblings. She adored her sisters and her brother, they have a bond like no other and she always made it known. Ginger worked at the dairy farm just up the road from her home in Stanley, Wisconsin. Her passion was to make a difference, to help, to lead, to teach and to learn.

Not only was Ginger a sister, she was a mother and a wife and on top of being one of the best she was a grandmother as well and she loved her grandchildren, she has another grand baby due in September this year. Ginger met the love of her life in the year 1993 and married him on February 25th 2000, she helped him become the man he is today, and she loves him so much.

Ginger had a love for animals, as most of you already know if you've driven by her hobby farm near Longville, MN. Ginger had animals her entire life. Three horses, her dog Dusty, cats and chickens. Her cat Saunter is really believed to have started this passion, he was her Siamese who lived to see 23 cat years. Then ShotGun came home, her mini donkey who came into her life eight years ago and has made her smile since. She recently got a penmate for Shotgun, Ruger. Sadly Ruger won't be able to experience the love Ginger had to offer.

Ginger is preceded in death by her grandparents Lester and Anna Poulter, Thomas and Francis Lombard, her niece Jessie, God-daughter Kempley and Brother-In-Law Steve.

Ginger is survived by her parents, Charles and Betty Poulter, her three sisters: Theresa Burlingame (Chad), Andrea Wilson (Brian), Melissa Anderson (Dave) and her little brother Mark Poulter (Mary). She is survived by her husband, James Stewart, son, Thomas Sitko (Heidi), her three daughters, Rayne Stewart, Virginia (Ginny) Stewart (Cody) and Charleen Stewart, as well as grandchildren Mia and Ross Pfarr; nieces, nephews, cousins and many more loved ones.