Adjustments were made to the Safe Learning Plan, which was initiated during COVID, at the Thurs., Sept. 15 regular school board meeting. Superintendent Mary Yakibchuk recommended discontinuing the five day quarantine if a student or staff member test positive for COVID. In discussions with other area schools, this procedure is being taken out of the Safe Learning Plan and allowing families to make the decision and keep everyone safe. Yakibchuk also mentioned the district no longer requires COVID testing if someone is showing symptoms or do they require test results to be disclosed. Therefore, it makes sense to discontinue requiring a five day quarantine. A motion was made, with all board members approving the motion.

   Elementary Principal and Activities Director Janessa Green shared an update with how school is going so far by saying “it is a whirlwind, but is great to have students back in the building.” Green also informed the board that staff attended different training opportunities during the week before school began, which went really well.

   Green also gave a brief student leadership update, due to the advisor Katelyn Edstrom being unable to attend the meeting. The board was informed that the student leadership team met on Aug. 26 and worked out details for Homecoming week. The dress up days and court nominees will be announced at next Friday’s pep rally.

   In new business, the board was asked to accept a quote from AIM Electronics for a scoreboard for the football field. Discussion in previous meeting was held concerning how to label the top of the scoreboard, whether to label it as Northland Eagles or as the Storm due to the football team being co-oped with Hill City and called the Storm. The proposed scoreboard that was shown would have the black and gold colors with a Northland Eagles  identification panel. The total price for the scoreboard would be $29,183 and an additional $2,000 to order a separate identification panel with Storm on it. One thing mentioned is that both the baseball and softball scoreboards say Northland Eagles and those teams are also the Storm, so if the district would want to change those it would also cost $2,000 for each panel. The board then asked if the scoreboard could be ordered without the identification panel, it was confirmed it could be. Therefore, a motion was made to accept the quote for the scoreboard, with the removal of the identification panel, all board members approved.

   In other business, the school board:

   • Approved the hire of Angie Surber as paraprofessional with a start date of Sept. 6; Amber Whitebird as Indian education cultural assistant and tutor with a start date of Sept. 19 and Izabella Bishop as prom coordinator for 2022-2023.

   • Accepted the resignation of Jessica Wake, paraprofessional, effective Sept. 29.

   • Approved closing the Spanish Club student activity account and move funds in the amount of $2534.15 to the Senior Class student activity account.

   • Approved closing the Choir Student activity account and move funds in the amount of $2811 to the new STEAM student activity account.

   The board has scheduled the following meetings: Classified Negotiations, Tues., Sept. 20 and 27 at 5:00 p.m.; the regular meeting, Thurs., Oct. 27 at 5:30 p.m.; Meet and Confer, Wed., Nov. 16 at 3:30 p.m. and Truth in Taxation meeting, Thurs., Dec. 15 at 6:30 p.m., all meetings are held at Northland High School.