Information for 100, 75, 50 and 25  year news briefs was researched and gathered by Renee Geving and Cec McKeig from Cass County newspaper archives at the Cass County Historical Society. 

100 Years Ago

Oct. 13, 1921

  John Thompson and family of Thunder Lake and Chas Bluhm and family attended services at Inguadona Sunday.

   There was a dance at the Turtle Lake school house Saturday night and everyone had a good time.

   Guy C. Goble and Mabel Drusilla Kent of Hackensack were united in marriage on October 12th by Rev. Magelssen at Walker.

 75 Years Ago

Oct. 11, 1946

   James Myers and Everett Knight killed a 200 pound bear near the Levall Knight farm, less than a half mile from Remer. They have all been losing sheep and hope this is an end to it.

   Saul Whitted, a long-time pioneer of the Wabedo area, moved there in 1902 and passed away on September 27th.

   Mrs. Arnold Erickson, Mrs. Elling Sonju and Johnny went to Grand Rapids where Johnny had his seriously cut finger attended to. He was helping to saw lumber.

50 Years Ago

Oct. 7, 1971

  Sam White, 79, died September 4th. He was born November 22, 1891 at Sugar Point. He attended Carlisle Boarding School in Pennsylvania and was on their famous football team coached by Ed Rogers. He was one of Peck’s Bad Boys and played basketball for Cass Lake after WWI. He was also a semi-pro baseball player and a college football star.

   Mr. and Mrs. Jim Olson have purchased the La Croix farm at Federal Dam and moved last weekend.

   We are all happy In Blind Lake that Cindy DeLong was chosen Homecoming Queen at Backus.

 25 Years Ago

Oct. 7, 1996

   Remer Trading Post team for the second year in a row, took 1st place in the Hill City Softball League and 1st place in the end of the season league tournament.  

   The Little Sand Group Home started in 1976 on Little Sand Lake in Remer. Over time Gerome and Shirley Jahn were the creators. Three houses have 28 girls living there.

   Cass County authorities, along with Federal and State agents, seized a large amount of marijuana from several locations in Cass County with the help of a helicopter.