Recent rainfall and cooler weather conditions across the Chippewa National Forest has decreased fire danger, prompting officials to lift all fire use restrictions, effective Friday, September 10, 2021.

   The public is encouraged to continue to practice safe campfire principles when recreating in dispersed and developed campsites. Forest officials recommend the following campfire safety precautions:

   •Campfires need to be maintained within the fire rings provided by the Forest Service or fire pits surrounded by dirt, rock, and in areas not conducive to rapid fire spread. All flammable material shall be cleared within a 3-foot radius from the edge of the pit and free of overhanging material.

   •Never leave a campfire unattended. Make sure to drown, stir, and feel for heat in your campfire before leaving the fire ring to ensure the fire is dead out. Repeat until it is cold to the touch.

   •Persons using campfires should have in their possession a tool that can serve as a shovel and at least one gallon of water. The intent of this recommendation is to ensure individuals with a campfire have the means necessary to completely extinguish their campfire.

   •As a reminder, fireworks are not allowed on national forest lands at any time.

    The public’s awareness of wildfire danger and their continued efforts to recreate safely is essential to a safe fall season on the Forest. Campers, recreationists, firewood cutters, hunters, and other forest users can all help by closely adhering to all guidelines, remaining cautious and aware of their surroundings, as well as keeping up to date on the latest conditions and regulations.   

   Restrictions may still be in effect on State and private lands protected by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR). Please check with your local Minnesota Department of Natural Resources office for current restrictions on lands protected by MN DNR or visit

   Please remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to know what restrictions are in place when visiting public lands. For up-to-date information regarding any forest closures or restrictions, please visit the forest’s website at

   Thank you for doing your part in helping to prevent wildfires on national forests and other public lands.

   Chippewa National Forest offices are currently offering virtual services. Please visit our website for the latest updates on our facilities. You can also receive updates by following us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.