BACKUS — Residents from Boy River and Boy River Township attended the regular Cass County Board meeting held Tuesday, Nov. 16 in regards to the letters received from the County on termination of snow removal due to the City not paying their bills.

   Boy River Township Clerk Pat Ritter spoke on the groups behalf stating it would be in everyone’s best interest if the Township absorbed the City and became the local unit of government. Currently there is no local government for the City of Boy River and no one is designated or authorized to pay the bills for the City. County Administrator Josh Stevenson stated back in 2018 a special election was held to dissolve the City of Boy River but failed on a 3-2 vote. 

   County Attorney Ben Lindstrom suggested that the residents file another petition to hold a special election and have the City of Boy River dissolved. Election Administrator Pamela Smith also shared information with the residents on where to find and send the forms needed and offered to assist in the process. 

   Environmental Service Director John Ringle requested the board approve joining a nine county consortium to develop a grant proposal for a feasibility study and plan for future needs for Construction and Demolition Landfills. Ringle stated currently Cass County and the other area counties operate unlined Construction and Demolition landfills and the Minnesota Pollution Air Control has stated they are not accepting permits for additional expansions or new landfills unless they are lined. It was noted many of the construction and demolition landfills are nearing capacity and their permits will expire in a few years. 

   Ringle also requested that the board approve an expenditure from the Solid Waste Fund in 2022 not to exceed the amount of $6,000. Board Chair Jeff Peterson motioned with Commssioner Bob Kangas seconding the motion and all commissioners approving.

   Ringle then requested the board approve a parcel re-mapping project in Crooked Lake Township and authorize use of available county staff and resources for the completion of the project. The project would be considered a pilot project for future townships. There was concern that by conducting this project it would engage in unnecessary scrutiny by property owners. Jessica Watts from Cass County MIS stated this would allow for the current maps to be more accurate, but would not be legally binding as property owners would still be required to hire a land surveyor. It was also noted by conducting this project the highway department would benefit from these maps. The board approved the request unanimously. 

   In other business, the county board:

   • Heard the third quarter Longville ambulance report from North Memorial Health Ambulance Services Manager Kevin Lee.

   • Approved changing the Land Department Timber Auction policy to four quarterly oral timber auctions per year and no sealed bid auctions, with reporting back in a year to evaluate revenue loss or gain.

   • Approved final payment on the countywide edge line striping project.

   • Approved Martin Mechanical to update the current cost estimate tables for developing a final plan and request for CAP bonding in 2022 to rebuild the Pine River Transfer Station Solid Waste Recycling facility, not to exceed the amount of $2,500.

   The next meetings are as follows: Joint meeting with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 29 at the Cedar Lakes Event Center, Cass Lake or by Zoom Meeting;  commissioner’s board meeting, 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 9 with a public hearing beginning at 6 p.m. regarding the 2022 Cass County fee schedule, budget and property tax levy, at the boardroom in the courthouse annex in Walker and commissioner’s board meeting, 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 21, at the Land Department meeting room in Backus.